Everything's right at this petite West Village Francophile's dream bistro where meticulously prepared Provençal dishes come via a superb staff; granted, seating's tight and tabs are pricey, but it's hard to beat when you seek a romantic dinner for two.
Food 25 :: Decor 20 :: Service 25 :: Cost $58

A tiny bistro brightens up Greenwich Village

... a fabulous Greenwich Village bôite called Le Gigot, which,
to my perennially Paris-hungry sensibility, is the best French bistro the city has seen in a long time.

There's an embarrassment of main-course riches at Le Gigot, served alongside an extraordinary repertoire of side dishes.
If it's fish you're after, you may well not find a better bouillabaisse in the U.S. or even in the south of France. Ndiaye's upscale, medium-thick version is based on a shellfish stock so profound you won't need the accompanying rouille or grated Gruyere. It swims with succulent hunks of fish and tender crustaceans and bivalves. Two other great seafood dishes are built around grill-licked salmon and tuna.

...there's plenty of great red-wine food, including the boeuf bourguignon of your dreams: tender chunks of beef enrobed
in deep, glossy, wine-kissed sauce.

There is one sauced meat dish, though the restaurant's namesake that keeps me coming back for more: the Pernod-flambéed gigot d'agneau aux flageolets, featuring the startling paradox of medium-rare leg of lamb with long-cooked flavor.


Open Table-12/15/17

Never disappoints! Great go to...

Open Table-12/09/17

Wonderful cozy atmosphere with a menu full of creative dishes that will send every last taste bud to work with a smile.

Open Table-12/02/17

A hidden gem!  Many thanks to Open Table because we would have never found this restaurant if it were not for the filter features on the site. We were in Manhattan for work on Friday and decided to have a dinner date afterwards. I wanted to steer clear of Italian food and was really looking for a cozy, relaxed, intimate place with delicious food-an unpretentious evening, you know? This place was it and then some! The food was amazing, my husband had the beef bourguignon and I had the pork tenderloin-we shared and both were to die for! We also had the escargot and mussels which were equally delicious, along with crusty bread we used to mop up the broth from the mussels and a bold French wine. Definitely a place where the locals hang out and everyone was friendly-we felt like we lived in the neighborhood too! Impeccable service by Daniel and staff and I hope that we can come here again soon! I highly recommend this restaurant!













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